Not ours! The reason we raise Angus beef is that these cattle are bred to put on fat and marbling easily. Their bodies are relatively small and their metabolism is very efficient. We make sure that our cattle get the best grass possible with a high protein content so that they have the fuel they need to produce a tender, juicy steak.

The cattle eat dried grass…hay! We as farmers spend the summers cutting, drying, and storing non-gmo grasses and legumes (clover/ alfalfa) so that our cows have feed in the winter.

Cattle were created to be just fine without corn. Our grass fed beef are not fed corn at any time during their life. Cattle are ruminants, which means they have a multi-chambered stomach filled with organisms specifically designed to break down grass and forage. Grass is a lower protein, lower energy ration than a corn diet which means they will grow slower on grass than on grain. We are not willing to sacrifice the health of the cattle and the health benefits of our beef to save money on the inputs.

We at Two Rivers do not feed any daily antibiotics to our cattle. A daily dose of antibiotics is fed on factory farms in order to help the cattle survive as they consume diets so unnatural that it makes them susceptible to illness and disease. If one of our animals is sick or injured, however, we will intervene with medicine so that the animal doesn’t suffer or die.

Ordering a whole, half, or quarter cow is a big commitment. Two Rivers is willing to store any beef that won’t fit in your freezer. When you are ready for the balance of your order, we’ll drop it off.

We trailer all of our cattle to Fillmore beef in Holland, MI instead of having someone come out and harvest on the farm for a couple of reasons. The first is that we want to preserve the best part of our beef. Grass fed beef has less external fat than a grain fed animal. When it is harvested far from a cooled space, the butcher ends up having to cut off some spoiled meat on the outside which is not ideal. Another reason we drive out to Holland for a beef harvest is because the facility is small (less stress on the animal) and very clean and dry. We give the cattle such a great life and it would be a shame for it to end on a bad note.